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Why do most of the IC plastic tubes need to be customized?

With the trend of manufacturing automation, more and more electronic components companies choose to use IC plastic tubes to control ICs, which are easy to package on automated assembly lines. However, most IC plastic tube sizes need to be customized.

Many people want to find just the right kind of ready-made, but there are thousands of types of electronic components. The size of the IC package is very strict. The tolerance size is also required to be in parts of a few millimeters. If the error is slightly larger, the parts may be damaged during the packaging process. Basically, an IC plastic tube is paired with a device, and the weight of each electronic component is different. Considering the problem of weighing the IC plastic tube, the wall thickness will be different, so most of the IC plastic tubes It needs to be customized.

Dongguan Lianchuang focuses on the IC device tube packaging industry for 12 years. Customized IC plastic tubes are designed from the beginning of design to consider the problem of automatic card materials. For example, if there are any problems in the customization of IC plastic tubes, please contact us.