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Ic packaging tube, electronic component packaging tube, semiconductor packaging tube?

Occasionally someone will ask, the ic packaging tube seen on the Internet is your product, the semiconductor packaging tube is also your product, the electronic component packaging tube is still your product, can your tube be installed?

To understand this problem, we must first clarify the relationship between ic and semiconductor devices and electronic components. IC is an abbreviation of integrated circuit, commonly known as chip, made of semiconductor material, is a kind of semiconductor device, semiconductor device also includes diode, transistor, etc., whose raw materials are semiconductors such as silicon and germanium. There are two types of electronic components: semiconductor devices and electronic components; electronic components include: resistors, capacitors, inductors/coils, potentiometers, transformers, relays, sensors, crystals, switches, batteries/power supplies, connectors/connectors, and other electronics. element. Therefore, the relationship between the three can be understood as electronic components > semiconductor devices > ic.

In the industry, we usually call the ic packaging tube because there are too many types of electronic components that can be installed. It is not easy to subdivide. Everyone is accustomed to using ic packaging tubes to collectively refer to them. In fact, the exact name is the packaging tube for electronic components. Some electronic components can be packaged with our ic packaging tube.

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