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Six ways to identify high quality IC packaging tubes

With the increase of labor costs, the popularity of automated production lines, IC packaging tubes, connector packaging tubes, power module packaging tubes, LED packaging tubes, transformer packaging tubes and other electronic components packaging tubes are also becoming more widely used. Many small companies are blindly pursuing low-priced packaging materials. There is no requirement for quality. When it is later found that the parts are stuck in the packaging process and the parts are crushed during transportation, is there a good solution? The following is the creation of IC packaging management to teach you several ways to identify.

One. Quantity length:

See if the specified length has been reached. Some manufacturers rely on shortening the length to reduce the price. Manufacturers with good reputation are not allowed to exceed the normal error.

Second, the amount of wall thickness:

See if the specified wall thickness is reached. Some pipes are evacuated, and the wall thickness at both ends meets the requirements, but the intermediate wall thickness is thin, which does not meet the requirements for use, and the cost is reduced by evacuation.

Three. Weighing:

Take two ic packaging tubes of the same diameter, wall thickness and length to compare the weight. The calcium powder and impurities with high weight are added too much, and the material is not pure, which does not meet the requirements.

Four. Look at the color:

The surface of high-quality IC packaging tube is bright and transparent. It is a high-quality product. If it is pale, the color with light yellow indicates that the manufacturer has added recycled materials, scraps, etc. to the raw materials.

Five. Look at the hardness:

When there are conditions, you can use the side of the pipe to see if it is easy to be crushed. The high-quality IC packaging pipe is even flattened with the ankle and even the car will not break and will not break. Inferior IC packaging tube with ankle In order to save costs and increase profits, some manufacturers have added excessive amounts of recycled materials and waste materials in the production of pipes. Such pipes are cheap, but their hardness is much reduced and brittle, which is a non-conforming product.

6. Inspection report:

The test report of the pipe should be obtained and the original should be seen as much as possible.

By the above method, you can purchase a qualified ic packaging tube.